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Gene Noble rattles every emotion with his 'Rebirth of Gene' LP [Premiere]

Sometimes I wonder if an artist's pain is truly what drives their expressionistic nature, or if they simply have mocked up a story to create a persona that seems detached and emotional in all colors. We've seen artist reach emotional extremes, tragically, and we've heard numerous stories and personal experiences through our favorite musicians. Ironically, sometimes the most emotionally outspoken artists tell the greatest tale, relatable and heart felt in principle. 

To refrain from rambling for too long, let me introduce you to Gene Noble. Gene is an unsigned R&B act with a ton of background and even more authentic style. Gene looked to music to help him after his father, as a soldier, died saving someone’s life when Gene was just four. Aside from his personal aspirations as an artist, it was also D’Angelo‘s Voodoo Tour that inspired him to make music. The Rebirth of Gene LP is a collision of emotional pain and artistry in motion. It revisits love lost and love found while reminding us why we'd be better off down to Earth. "Rebirth of Gene is vulnerable, intimate, and superbly tangible and melodic." 

Guitarist Dubwize and DJ Booth favorite Emilio Rojas hop on the roster for the Rebirth of Gene, which packs production by JRB (for The Coalition),Lion's Share, Lunchtime Legends, SamTRax (for Forever87), Sonny J. Mason and Wil Baptiste (of Black Violins). With the release of Gene's LP comes visuals for tracks, "Lies" and "Still Here", as well as an exclusive Audiomack stream here. Rebirth of Gene LP can be purchased on iTunes, so if Gene connects with you, show some extra love.

"Still Here" video: 


Exclusive · Hip-Hop · R&B · Soul


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Camesha Mullner
7 years ago

Couldn't have said it better. “: Gene Noble rattles every emotion with his 'Rebirth ... - http://t.co/FVH6eUNJKA @IamGeneNoble”

7 years ago

“: Gene Noble rattles every emotion with his 'Rebirth ... - http://t.co/kO6APiy3lf @IamGeneNoble” #TEAMNOBLE

7 years ago

“: Gene Noble rattles every emotion with his 'Rebirth ... - http://t.co/T7lli6z9hG @IamGeneNoble”