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The Soundmen, up all till 2 AM with Adrian Marcel [Premiere]

Brooklyn based production duo, The Soundmen, caught our attention with this fall with their remix of French Horn Rebellion's Caaalifornia and solidified a fan base at EARMILK with their Betty Who "High Society Remix," mixing her crystal vocals with hip hop beats.   The Soundmen have continued to impress with their unique sound,  a blend of surf, indie, and hip-hop culture. Their ability to make hip hop beats is undeniable, beautifully matched with indie tracks that highlight their understanding of up and coming musicians creates a new niche in the music market that appeals to a very diverse audience.  

We bring you The Soundmen's most recent release, a remix of Adrian Marcel ft. Sage The Gemini "2 AM." Originally, this R&B track has a sexually slow beat with low-key hip hop beats that move through the rap verses.  The Soundmen make the song dance with a fast and heavier beat, but find a way to keep the track true to its original vibes.  

Check out more from The Soundmen, a few of our favorite remixes and originals!

Soundmen 2am (fixed)

Adrian Marcel ft. Sage The Gemini

2 AM (The Soundmen Remix)

Dance · Electro House


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