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William Bolton gets his Motown groove on with "Let's Stay Together"

You wake up--not by alarm in a frantic state of panic, but in a gentle bliss next to your significant other. As you step outside to take in the early morning advantage, it seems like you're the first one up to witness this beauty. The dew clings to the leaves like a long lost lover while you're met with the peace that arises at this hour. Before the unavoidable chaos, you notice that the sun is shining and even the birds and bumpin. "Let's Stay Together" is the track that encapsulates this feeling in the fullest sense. William Bolton (who you may be more familiar with his producer alias, Times New Roman) holds nothing back as the sounds of Motown enter your ears. Filled with an all around easygoing vibe from the Detroit native, it's a jam that'll be stuck in your head only after a single listen. Though Will hasn't locked any dates down for an album release yet, expect some more unforgettable music in the near future. But while we wait, grab your special someone and enjoy this one with the speakers on full blast. 

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William Bolton

Let's Stay Together

  • March 1st, 2014


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