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Watch Shura's Beautiful, Make Out-Heavy "Touch" Video

Two weeks ago, London-based singer Shura blew my mind with "Touch". Really, if Drake is the one with songs that make you feel a whirlwind of emotions, you might as well get comfy and listen to Shura. Okay, even if you don't like Drake (but who doesn't) listen to Shura anyway. Her debut single "Touch" is one of those instantly addictive records about the indescribable unresolved feelings you get when you see a past lover. "Touch" is about the familiar gravity that pulls you to him/her and makes you question whether or not it's over.

Now the sultry song has a great visual to accompany it, premiered via Noisey and directed by Shura herself. Simply put, the video features Shura's lovely friends making out in slow-motion, but overall it's deeper than that. Aside from the song itself, the video just reminds us love is beautiful. Reminds me a little of last year's awesome "Latch" video by Disclosure.  

There's a love between us still,

but something's changed and I don't know why.

And all I want to do is go home with you but 

I know I'm out of my mind.

I want to touch you but I'm too late

I want to touch you but there's history

I can't believe that it's been 3 years

Now when I see you it's so bittersweet.

"Touch" is that damn good song you can't wait to crossover and be everywhere. We're hoping it does.

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