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"Let's Go Dancing" to OFFTAPIA's remix of Tiga and Audion

If you've ever experienced a night of continuous dancing, it is usually the darker side of yourself that takes over when your body is exhausted. OFFTAPIA's remix can hopefully charge some energy back into those who have lost the will to keep on moving. Situated in Australia, this house producer stays dormant as he releases quality tracks ever so often on Soundcloud. His most recent release is an eerie remix of "Let's Go Dancing," by Tiga and Audion. The original was a deep house anthem heard repeatedly for months, yet when something is over played, change is always welcome. 

OFFTAPIA turns this catchy track into a darker, robotic remix that shows a new side of the original chords. The remix starts on a cooler note as it slowly creeps into the signature melody from the original. Yet OFFTAPIA does not leave this remix to settle for too long, before you know it, it comes crashing down with a faster tempo. Around half way, he completely slows the track down to tease the listener with an auto-tuned cover of the lyrics. OFFTAPIA's remix is available for download off Facebook so grab a copy if you feel like moving all night long.

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