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Tom Fall takes us on a high impact drive on "E18"

It's a little hard to believe that Armada Music division Trice Recordings is celebrating its 40th release. Launched a mere year and a half ago, the label has been a great outlet for artists to find a happy medium focusing on big room sound as well as melody. Now enter Tom Fall, an artist who fits the latter perfectly: straddling the line between electro, progressive club and trance, the Finnish producer does all three just right, giving the developing Finnish house brand more ammo to fuel its trendiness. Today Fall has released "E18," a track dedicated to the highway in his home country. Connecting additional dots throughout Europe from Northern Ireland to Russia, the road functions much like the sound of the track: a thread connecting multiple powers in the region, here in the form of music. Check out the track below, it might make you wonder if the only thing they drive on the E18 are monster trucks at high speeds.

Stream:Tom Fall - E18 (Original Mix)

Tom Fall


  • Trice Recordings
  • TRCR040


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