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Newcomer Marshall McGee will blow your mind with "Freelancer" [Download]

Unique sounds: they're particularly hard to find these days, especially in a musical world where everyone samples different ideas from each other; however, after stumbling upon Marshall McGee in Gramatik's Reddit AMA yesterday, I think I can pretty confidently say that this New York native's refreshingly different take on sound design could potentially revolutionize the way we look at EDM.

In the name of preserving the human element in electronic music, Marshall McGee has begun to pioneer a signature style, usually blending his own, blues-esque style guitar pieces with hard-hitting dubstep melodies. The way he skillfully and seamlessly weaves together the two disciplines is nothing short of incredible, and is by far one of the most interesting sounds you can find. On his latest tune, "Freelancer," 18-year-old McGee utilizes several funk and blues elements to enhance the electronic components of the record, all while leaving you craving to hear what's next. This guy has a massive wealth of potential, so make sure to keep your eyes on him, give him some love on his social media outlets (you'll want to), and don't forget to snag the free download.

Blues · Dance · Dub · Electronic · Experimental · Future Funk


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