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Sander Molder turns Flume-esque beats into "That" funk in "Again & Again" [Premiere]

A recent trend in future funk music has been using distinctive synths and Flume-esque style on a beat, and I believe I may have found the next big funk artist. Sander Molder's new track "Again & Again," out today via Stratford CT, is a possible contender for March's biggest funk anthem.

Straight from Sander's Soundcloud it says, "[Molder] understands that we make our own musical destiny; that perseverance and a positive mental attitude are as necessary as talent to succeed." That initial line in his bio was enough for me to continue pursuing his music. Sander has over thirteen years of cello training under his belt, and his experimental style and funky figure draws me in right off the bat. The Estonian producer doesn't cut his skills short, he also plays in numerous bands (including his current projects State Of Zoe & OYT) as well as recently warming up the stage (with a live set) for French producer Onra & hip-hop legend MF Doom. The new track is a part of the compilation album Amicus Curiae out Friday.

The new jam "Again & Again" is a perfect sound to get your day going, and I honestly believe the new wave of funk will follow styles along these lines. It's hard hitting, in your face, beat banging gold in the form of feel good bass lines. Today he offers his premiere of "Again & Again" up for download exclusively here at EARMILK. 

Only thing to add is that when Sander Molder blows up, I will be able to say I saw the first step in future funk domination.

Stream: Sander Mölder - Again and Again


Sander Molder

Again & Again

  • Stratford CT
  • February 27



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Anthony Hachez
Anthony Hachez
7 years ago

Where is the download link please ?

Archibald Rufus Barleywheat
Archibald Rufus Barleywheat
7 years ago

sounds like snakehips only far less impressive. 4.5/10