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AUCAN incites a "Riot" [T-Shirt Giveaway + Interview + Download]

 There's an exciting sound coming out of Italy intent on arousing your human instincts and desires. Fresh out of the studio from the hit-making machine Ultra Records, AUCAN has released "Riot," an aggressive and transcendent trap record driven by melancholic yet energetic melodies that will make you lose control of your body. The Italian duo, consisting of Jo and Fra, have already shown an impressive display of their complex production style with recent remixes of the likes of SkreamDie Antword, and The Bloody Beetroots. AUCAN is capitalizing on their momentum in a big way with the release of "Riot," which is the lead single from their forthcoming EP 1 due out on Ultra Music in April. Here's what AUCAN has to say about their release:

“Let’s just say in this Beatport Top 100 era, where everything  sounds alike, we’re outsiders" says Jo. "Right now, we focus on distorted bass and keeping the rough, live elements, staying away from complex sound design and production gimmicks and allowing the emotions to build in real time. We don't want to be the Yngwie Malmsteen of electronic music, we want to evoke dark feelings combining digital and analog sounds.”

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/135438620" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="false" /]

AUCAN is far more than a producing duo. The Italians' live show combines graphic design, performance deejaying, media communication, and intricate visuals to form an experience that you won't find elsewhere. They call their philosophy aucanism, and the duo extends their brand through how they communicate with fans and their own fashion line called Raro. We had the opportunity to ask a few questions for AUCAN to learn a little more what these guys are about, and you can find the interview in its entirety below. In addition, EARMILK is proud to announce an AUCAN t-shirt giveaway from the duo's fashion line, and you can find details on how to enter below. Be sure to follow AUCAN on their social media pages and definitely check what else the forward-thinking duo has to offer on their Soundcloud page.

EM: How did the two of you decide to pursue music?
Jo: Music isn't something you decide to do.
Fra: Most kids love music. One day you realize you’re still doing it when all of your schoolmates have given up.
EM: The lead single to your upcoming EP is the dark and heavy 'Riot,' can you tell us about the process of how this track came about?
Fra: We often start from images. That's a good way to start the music process. Riot is the OST of an imaginary movie.
Jo: Most of our stuff is dark and heavy. This track was developed following the "RIOT" idea both through music and a visual concept. The result is that the reaction of the crowd when we play can be somewhat riotous...
EM: You guys have an iconic sense of style and hold your own clothing line, Raro. Could you tell us a little about that?
Jo: We control every aspect of the Aucan project: music, show production, graphics, visuals, styling... We are not just musicians and fashion is part of the vision.
Fra: Yes, we try to express our concept through different tools and media. In a way, our attitude is not that different from a movie director.
EM: Who have been your biggest musical influences in your career thus far?
Jo: Aphex Twin, Kanye West, Kuedo, Zomby...Once again, because of their vision rather than just their music. 
Fra: I agree. I would add Vex'd, who in early '00s released some sick, mindblowing beats, and the european rave movement, which inspired us a lot with its atmospheres.
EM: What can we expect from AUCAN in 2014?
Jo: A capsule collection coming out this spring in collaboration with the Italian worldwide seller fashion brand Bulk, a new EP with some important guests, two videos and hopefully our first US tour.



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  • 24-Feb-14
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