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A$AP Rocky producer MP Williams brings new life to Glasser's "Shape"

MP Williams is a talented young producer forged in the fires of the five boroughs. He is known, perhaps most notably, for his contribution to the Long.Live.A$AP-standout "Ghetto Symphony" as a co-producer. Back in September, MP was featured in Pigeons & Planes' Best Up-And-Coming Hip-Hop Producers list, which cited him as the next flag bearer for the "mini cloud rap revolution" headed by another producer in the Rocky stable, Clams Casino. MP Williams has gone on to back up his bold introduction with production on Doley Bernays' exceptional bonus cut "Raise Your Weapon," and it's clear that his time is coming, if it hasn't already arrived.

In his latest ambient experiment, MP Williams fiddles with Glasser's "Shape," from her stellar sophomore, Interiors, and crafts a cut with cinematic flair. Glasser is one of synthpop's best kept secrets. (She only has a little over 3,000 followers on Twitter.) Her music is hyper-experimental and fantastically so. She is a dream weaver of sorts, an architect of mystical soundscapes. MP himself weaves dreams in his own way, so the two are kindred spirits. He takes Glasser's realm and structures it into something bigger and grander, and the "Shape" remix essentially replicates a collapsing Inception dream state.

Highlighted by crashing strings and clattering hi hats, MP bends the original to his whims and contributes a few of his own ingredients to add a bit of drama. His re-creation feels like an extremely organic and natural extension of the prototype, almost like a sequel. As he chops her voice, you get the sense he has an incredible grasp of music as a medium and how it can be manipulated. The "Shape" remix does great justice to Glasser's original vision, and should boost MP Williams' stock. This is sonically-induced euphoria.

Stream MP Williams' "Shape" remix below, take a listen to his Soundcloud profile while you're at it, and be on the look out for more production for this talent on the rise.

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"Shape" (MP Williams Remix)

  • ReeLife Music Group
  • February 24, 2014
Electronic · Experimental


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