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Ørjan Nilsen and Fingerling pair up again to let "W.D.I.A!" loose

With every release on Armada's Viking helmet-led imprint In My Opinion, it's clear that Norwegian producer and DJ's Orjan Nilsen's sound is so big that it really needed a home of its own. For the fourth release on his label named after his second artist album from a few years back, Nilsen has partnered up with fellow Scandinavian producer Fingerling for the second time to release a show stopping club track entitled "W.D.I.A!" A laser-focused production with stinging synths and quirky cultural undertones, "W.D.I.A!" is an attention grabber calling for whatever energy you have right now to get pumped up three-fold.

Stream: Orjan Nilsen & Fingerling - W.D.I.A! (Original Mix)

Orjan Nilsen, Fingerling


  • In My Opinion / Armada
  • February 24th, 2014


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