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A.R.D.I. makes 140 BPM trance in "Dark Side"

For those of us who may some more energy to get through the last bit of this Monday, A.R.D.I. lays down yet another of his signature breakneck trance tracks.  Playing on Armin van Buuren's interrogatively-titled "Who's Afraid Of 138?!", the Polish electronic producer steps up the question to 140 BPM. As you might expect, "Dark Side" dips into heavier spaces by stuttered electro lines but still brings the ethereal planes and soft piano interludes trance so often features. The track also samples the summer blockbuster Pacific Rim for a small vocal break, adding a bit of mystery part way through the song. Keep tabs on A.R.D.I. for more of this sound, along with other favorites, Tomas Heredia and Rene Ablaze

Stream: A.R.D.I. - Dark Side (Original Mix)



"Dark Side"

  • Arisa Audio
  • 2014-02-24


Dance · Trance


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