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Pyramid Vritra drops experimental new record, 'Indra' [Album Stream]

Odd Future affiliate Pyramid Vritra has released his experimental new record and made it available for free streaming. Also known as Hal Williams, the inventive artist is a part of creative collective The Jet Age Of Tomorrow and we last looked at him when he served us “Tea And Lemonade”. Vritra's mind warping single and eye swirling video caught our imagination, as has his new album Indra, with its multitude of textures providing a quirky platform for the 22 year old's moody flow to mull over. The minimalistic production on the 16 new tracks may remind you of the early Odd Future tapes but there’s definitely a more free-form, expansive edge to the brooding music put together in this collection of spooky tracks you’d expect to hear as filler to a more mainstream project as interludes, they really work on their own though.  Indra has been released through Stones Throw Records, and an excerpt which features on their website furthers the mystique of Pyramid Vritra:

“Pyramid Vritra reveals that on Indra his production and lyrics contain a lot of emotion. Adding, ‘there’s fluidity and a calm in the midst of complexity.’ Which might explain his name, Pyramid Vritra, which has two parts to it, he adds, ‘the pyramid has sides that are steep and smooth. Vritra is both a god and demon – a demon who kept the waters of the world captive until he was slain.”

Deadpan poetry courses through the veins of standout tracks “Cherry Avenue” and “Dntslp”  and is both matched and elevated by equally outlandish beats which incorporate bubbling synths and menacing tempos into a supremely refreshing end product. If the “Tea And Lemonade” video is anything to go by, we should look forward to some more visuals from Pyramid Vritra to build on the unique soundscape of Indra.

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Pyramid Vritra


  • Stones Throw Records
  • Out Now


Experimental · Hip-Hop · Rap


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