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Golden Features' self-titled EP is one heck of a debut

Wow. Let me just start with that, this EP seems to have come out of nowhere, but I’m glad it did! Golden Features hails from Australia and has released this free EP soaked with innovative house sounds. This won’t have you thinking, “Hey this reminds me of…”. It’s creative and fresh, with every track bringing something new and contemporary. 

The first track “Tell Me” is full of depth, and starts the EP off with great energy. The vocals are wonderful and contribute harmoniously with the lead single. This will be a floor-filler crowd favorite. “Factory” plays out from a different angle, starting off with an arpeggiated intro, sounding a bit trance-reminiscent for a few seconds. Scattering 808 kicks and breaks make this track the most experimental of the bunch. “Guillotine” and “Maybe We Are Different” both contribute to this unique compilation and finish it off with as much energy as it started with. This is an exciting release and I’m waiting anxiously to hear what’s next from this up and coming prodigy!

Dance · House


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