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Doc Hollywood & Alastor run it "Back To You"

It was back in 1976 when Candi Staton first sang those famous words: “Young hearts run free.” Now, over 30 years later, we have a plethora of soul stretching hits to get our young hearts racing. And this week we are fortunate enough to add another track called "Back To You" to the stacks of spurring songs that keep us moving. This progressive house sensation is a collaboration from NY native producer Alastor and west coast DJ & vocalist duo Doc Hollywood

"Back To You" begins with a slower soulful piano, cello and guitar combo, which are provided by Doc Hollywood’s multi talented instrumentalist Louie Rubio. Rubio also provides the floating feather light vocals that instill resolve to never go back to the one you know you shouldn’t. And it’s not long before Doc Hollywood’s producer extraordinaire Lex Larson kicks it into high gear, working with Fis Shkreli, the mind behind Alastor, for a pumped up beat and sanguine synths. Alastor brings in his fresh, eclectic style for a unique and inspiring musical blend. So, take a listen and enjoy running free to this one.

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doc hollywood

Doc Hollywood & Alastor

"Back To You"

  • 2012-02-17
Dance · Progressive


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