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Mr. Carmack showcases unique talent with new mini-mix [Download]

I don't know what it is: maybe it's the Hawaiian roots, or maybe he was born with some sort of musical superpower, but all I know is Mr. Carmack has something special that no other producer in the game can touch right now. 

His style has a distinct, jumpy aesthetic - and when you hear it, all you want to do is get up. Honestly, it probably deserves a genre of its own, as arguably the future of dance music. If you're sitting here, reading this, with no idea what I'm talking about, make sure to check out the new mix that the Soulection superstar just dropped; it showcases the exact, innovative sound design I'm talking about. Definitely worth the listen, it's time for you to become a part of something new.


Mr. Carmack

7th and Los Angeles, 12:57 AM

  • February 18, 2014
Dance · Electronic · Experimental · Mixtape


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