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World premiere: Rebecca & Fiona's "Candy Love" video

What could be more delicious than some "Candy Love" served up by the sweet Swedish duo of Rebecca & Fiona? Having started their career in the club scene of Stockholm, the two best friends have become iconic in the music industry, flaunting multicolored hair, unmistakeable outfits, and a willingness to party just as hard as their fans. Over the last few years, we've seen a number of different releases from them, including the legendary "Turn It Down" with Kaskade, the indie dance hit "Bullets", and their break-infused remix of "Bubblegum". Such diverse releases will continue in their upcoming album, Beauty Is Pain, a work that has been in progress for a few years now and features collaborations with Adrian Lux, The Loops Of Fury, and Carli.

"Candy Love" comes as the first single off the album, an electro-pop anthem that has the girls seducing listeners through an air of detached femininity. Dressed at times in colorful retro ensembles, white leather numbers, and even a glittering leotard - the two admit "embracing the tacky, decadent 80s style" was the most enjoyable part of the shoot - Rebecca & Fiona alternate between two opposing worlds. The Tommie X-directed video embodies this dichotomy, as the pair dance before projections of their party life cut between scenes of a less-glamorous reality.  "[It's] about a person having a destructive lifestyle," say Rebecca & Fiona, "where the person only gets attention through this way of life. This creates a catch 22 where the question is 'should I stop doing drugs and the drinking and not get the same appreciation from others or dare to live healthier and not get it anymore?'" With a deeper meaning behind the track, it's female power pop at it's finest, featuring strong spoken vocals layered over masterful indie dance production.


"Candy Love" the single drops today, followed by the entire album on April 29th from Ultra Records. Talking about the album, Rebecca & Fiona assert, "We’ve collected what inspires us and the genres we like and then created our own version of that. We just do what we think is cool and don’t think too much, there’s no real plan behind it." Keep your ears open for the late April release!


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