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SKOGSRÅ debuts with "Now You See Me"

Swedish electronic producer SKOGSRÅ is debuting with "Now You See Me," a nu disco track with all the staples and then some. The origin of the name comes from Swedish and Scandinavian folklore, directly translating to "the Forest Spirit," and the rhythm seems to come naturally enough. "Now You See Me" is a strong premiere.

Infectious guitar hooks, crisp percussion, and synth waves open the track perfectly. The emotion and enthusiasm of the vocals humanize all the glitter and gold. The first half of the track pays strong homage to traditional disco, remaining faithful with a couple of original side steps. For instance, the first break at 1:15 (and following) are presaged by extra effected vox layers and stutter-timed percussion -- the perfect texture to keep from lulling listeners. The back half explodes into pop, side-chained synths compressed and Phoenix-like pop vocal wails.

You'll be sure to see SKOGSRÅ.  Hopefully, soon.



"Now You See Me"




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