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"Love Is Still Alive" in Les Professionnels' new remix [Download]

Les Professionnels are a trio specializing in spacey, “intergalactic” sounds. And just in time for Valentine’s Day they had a new track ready for our listening pleasure! In “Love Is Still Alive” they stay true to their sound and add some great vocal embellishments. Leaning a little more on the darker side of love, this is a nice break from the usual sappiness that valentines bring. Not to say it has any less emotion, the lyrics definitely tug at the heart strings. Mixed with dark waves this quite the tune, hella vibes. Keep in touch with these cosmic voyagers for more electronic goodness!

 [soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/134615896" params="" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]



Love Is Still Alive (Les Professionnels Remix)

Chillwave · Experimental


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Les Professionnels
7 years ago

“: "Love Is Still Alive" in Les Professionnels' new ... - http://t.co/FBVjFwYwr3 @Les_prof” wow thanks for sharing!!! Amazing!