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The Indie Sabbath 06

A Quick Word from the Authors:

While we all keep busy running through our day-to-day tasks media content can easily go unnoticed, floating within the never-ending stream of web content that consumes our news feeds. Thus, we strive to provide an easily digestible dose of content to make sure that our listeners are well aware of the trending musical landscape--specifically within the indie spotlight.

If you haven't we recommend downloading Radiohead's new mobile app PolyFauna (iOS and Android) where "Your screen is the window into an evolving world." In other news the past week that was coated with cover songs, including the Arctic Monkeys live covering The Beatles and Twin Shadow covering The Smiths, Chvrches cover of The Arctic Monkeys' "Do I Wanna Know?" takes the cake with transforming the song in playful and distinct way. Finally any Bright Eyes fans would be happy to know that Connor Oberst has announced a new album, releasing a new song in his new-found happy folk-inspired fashion.

In adding to the evolution of the Sabbath we offer up an assortment of the top music videos that came out within the past week or so. This is not to say that there aren't many other great music videos hovering around, however we are taking a strictly visual standpoint in our selection process  featuring videos with visuals that are used specifically to aid the listener in drawing a connection to the music with little distraction. While these videos may not tell a story or seemingly have a distinct plot they offer up eye candy that is easy to enjoy as we, as tastemakers want to be sure that our listeners focus on the music in the forefront.

- Aaron Thomas & Anna Murphy

Top Visual Music Videos 

SOHN - "Artifice"
Wild Beasts - "Sweet Spot"
Chet Faker - "Talk Is Cheap"
Thief - "Closer"
Phantogram - "Fall In Love"

Bees Knees

The Bees Knees

We don't make you work to separate the milk from the cream

In case you only want to scratch the surface of the Sabbath we offer the cream of the crop, highlighting what should be indefinitely considered when crafting a playlist.
The Pasture:  Pure X - "Starlight"
The Kindle:  Circa Waves - "Stuck In My Teeth"
The Tryptophan:  Odesza - "Sun Models" (Feat. Madelyn Grant)

The Indie Gift Basket

The Indie Gift Basket


  • The Pasture Less is more -- slow-churned nights need a soundtrack too, and relaxation is underrated. 
  • The Kindle represents a peak of accessibility where the masses will be drawn to the raw energy exposed throughout.
  • Lastly, in The Tryptophan indie gets plugged. What ups the ante more than experimental electronics and synths?

The Pasture

The Pasture

Drawing from hushed textures the intersection between folk and translucent melodies can surprisingly be seamlessly navigated. So kick back, chill out or fall asleep – but be sure to stream the easy-going tracks below for the epitome of mellow. Highlights include Pure X's mellow and easygoing track in "Starlight" and Mø using her quirkiness to her advantage in "Say You'll Be There".

The Kindle

The top forty that no one knows, the songs that you pop on that party playlist, the tracks you belt while driving 80 MPH on a dessert highway, or the jams you blast alone in your bedroom, rocking out with your socks on, solo style. Wherever you are, you’re in for a treat by way of indie beats. Highlights include Circa Waves keeping things real in "Stuck In My Teeth" and Erik Hassle in his SOHN produced instant R&B-inspired classic "Pathetic".

The Tryptophan

The Tryptophan

The Tryptophan is a playlist for the forward-minded individuals, filled with everything from airy ascending melodies to mind-bending beats that work to spark a progressive, yet equally grounded mindset. Highlights include Odesza sparking lift-off with "Sun Models" and Todd Terje creating an atmosphere set in the 80's in "Delorean Dynamite".

Fresh Milk


It’s simple--we’re bringing you three different playlists; one for you mellow manatees, one for you vibrant vipers and one for you hazy honey badgers. So whether you’re a homebody who needs a backtrack to lying on the couch or a rabble-rousing hipster looking to paint the town tonight, we’ve got a perfect playlist for you. Enjoy & as always, feedback welcome.


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