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Snow Ghosts show us around their "Secret Garden" [Premiere]

Music has progressed so much in the past few years. Not to say that it didn’t previously, but the introduction of the digital audio workstation and the ever-expanding capabilities of software and digital synthesis and production is creating a whole new world of possibility for sound. The rising wave of alternative electronic music is definitely something to take note of and explore, and the diversification of it is allowing new artists to develop incredibly unique sounds and signatures. Snow Ghosts is thriving, and the folks at Houndstooth have been kind enough to share a small piece of their new EP with us. Their take on alternative music is refreshing to say the least. For me, the enchanting vocals and otherworldly lyrics are the highlight. The vocalist is brilliant at catching your attention and keeping it both in the video and not. With their fresh blend of real instruments and electronic elements, the instrumentals are just as enticing. Check out “Secret Garden” below!




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