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Tourist's "I Can't Keep Up" [Ft. Will Heard]

You might remember singer/songwriter Will Heard from his acoustic, stripped-down session of "Sun Don't Shine" alongside model Cara Delevingne from back in August. Most recently, Heard has collaborated with fellow Londoner Tourist, who presents us with his newest single titled "I Can't Keep Up". 

The track, hailing from Tourist's forthcoming Patterns EP (which will be released soon via Method Records), shows Heard's vocal diversity, bleeding his roots in blues and folk into electronic and dance territory. Riding a soulful, downtempo beat for a majority of the song, "I Can't Keep Up" expresses frustration with love just in time for Valentine's Day. Someone get this guy a date, quick.

With a driving, disco-influenced force, the single builds to a catchy climax, where the tempo increases in tandem with experimental additives and layered vocals. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/134437608"]

Dance · Downtempo · Electronic · Experimental · Soul


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