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Making "Similar Circles" with Tincture

Brisbane’s Tincture dropped Tryst last year, his first EP. The 23-year-old producer’s name has been making the blog rounds. The rising star’s minimal yet lush style and blend of artificiality and humanity in vocal swells make for an interesting combination. 

“Similar Circles” is just as evocative as Tryst. The elongated fade-in sounds as if it’s coming through a crackling reel-to-reel, texturizing a deep-toned synth and pitched vocals. The hi-hats play like electric rattlesnakes above the kick-snare.  The tuned vocals aren’t too wet, underlining the synthetic sparkle with emotional pangs. The track details most of the tools in the toolbox within the first thirty seconds, and the rest serves as a careful reiteration. Split only by the bridge (where the vocals really shine), the track never strays to far, always circling back to something similar.




"Similar Circles"



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