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HNNY Hits 102° with Feverish Beyonce Rework, "Sneeze"

By this point, it is a truth universally acknowledged that no one gets sick of Beyon. As she declares in “Yonce,” Bey “sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker,” but the beat gets ill with HNNY’s sampled house track, “Sneeze.”


Otherwise known as Johan Cederberg, Stockholm’s HNNY (pronounced “Honey”) is a newcomer who catches light with ‘90s garage groovers on Local Talk and Studio Barnhus, plus a slue of surprising remixes for Steve Reich, TLC, and Mariah Carey. Luxurious, jazzy undertones often characterize HNNY’s reworks, yet “Sneeze” is a testament to the dynamic future we can sense from such a producer. A dance floor slammer, the track motors on a cleverly sampled vocal loop; it begins in an ooze, turns up and twists tempos, and towers in temperature as HNNY hurls and holds back texture with the thrust of house horseplay.


A playful inferno as infections as measles, laughter, or the likes, “Sneeze” drops February 24th on HNNY’s own label, Puss, where each vinyl gets stamped with an actual kiss. 


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