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Booty Fade premieres "It Goes Down," shows us how Texas does it

Booty Fade is a relatively new duo that's been making some big waves in the Texas scene last year for their mixture of house and Texas rap anthems, which have culminated into a sound that blends into a distinctly new sound. The group comprises of DJ Sober, known in Dallas for throwing down during gigs, as well as being the DJ for the Mavericks and Cowboys, and PICNICTYME, who's a member of Erykah Badu's production group, the Cannabinoids.  

 They've got an EP coming out on March 4th, and to prepare, they've released their upcoming single, "It Goes Down" with us. This time they've taken Dallas rapper Tum Tum and perfectly mixed the track with a 90's Tejano piece, culminating in a track that's funky, fresh, and more than a little weird.

Taking obvious influence from the likes of the high bpm sounds of the South, the East, and the Southeast, the duo have brought a new type of booty shake to Dallas, Texas. Overall, it's definitely a new sound to get used to, but with a couple of listens this song becomes a fun track that goes beyond staying in the norm. 



Booty Fade

It Goes Down

  • February 4, 2014

Dance · Hip-Hop · Rap Rock


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  • Bootyfade can do NO wrong! Love these guys! Half black and half Mexican so this is giving me life!

    Avatar Formerly_Levi February 4, 2014 2:37 PM Reply

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