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Fluxus Head reconfigures We Invented Paris' "Mont Blanc"

Mysterious producer Fluxus Head returns with yet another remix following his undertaking of Still Parade's "Actors" a few months back. This time, EARMILK copped the premiere of his reconfiguration of We Invented Paris' "Mont Blanc", which is set to be released this Friday (January 31) in preparation of the drop of their album called Rocket Spaceship Thing (on February 14 via Spectacular Spectacular).  

Fluxus Head describes his remix of "Mont Blanc" as an "imaginary soundscape of snowslides rushing down the mountainsides", where we can quite obviously hear this as a musique concrete approach. The organic nature of the track radiates this through the extractions of Fluxus Head's surroundings, where he incorporates both the soft and willowy and harsh and industrial sounds of nature. 

With emphasis on spaciousness through sampled means, Fluxus Head presents us with arguably his most experimental remix yet. The tune is electronic, downtempo, and minimal, creating an aural journey that ventures both into a dense forest, and a metropolitan cityscape. 



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