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Templeton and Blondfire are "Walking With Giants" [Download]

The brother-sister-duo from LA, Blondfire, has been remixed by Templeton (also LA) into quintessential ‘90s house. For deeper cuts, Templeton worked with Branded James to remix the Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes.”  It’s hard to hear and not imagine a montage from The Big Green or a commercial for Thermasilk.  It’s even harder to keep your foot flat on the floor or your head still on your neck.  “Walking With Giants” will move you.

Down-pitched vocals in the intro foreshadow the bridge.  Bright pianos and thick house kicks are the spine, but you can expect other ‘90s house staples: chorused claps, gated hats, and delayed ethereal female vocals.  For those of you looking forward, don’t forget to turn back every once in awhile. 



"Walking With Giants" (Templeton Remix)

Dance · House · Indie


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  • @blondfire Thanks for the awesome write up guys!! Really appreciate the support

    Avatar Templeton January 23, 2014 1:24 AM Reply

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