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"Goodness Gracious"! The Chainsmokers' new Ellie Goulding remix sizzles

And is hot enough to thaw us out as we experience Polar Vortex II. NYC EDM duo The Chainsmokers (known for elevating some of our favorite tracks from Daughter and Smallpools) have taken the single, "Goodness Gracious" off of Ellie Goulding's Halcyon album and have breathed new life into it. They facetiously describe their sound as "feel good and rub yourself music," and while we can't speak to the "rub yourself," we'll unquestionably attest that this track does "feel good." In fact, it feels great.  

We're big fans of all of Ellie's stuff, and this original offering sits nicely upon her trophy shelf of electro pop anthems. But The Chainsmokers just take everything to another level. As in Avicii's other "Levels." At :56 the pair's signature buildup starts and releases into unheard of synthetic proportions, adding an element of aggression and energy while blending the synth seamlessly with Ellie's distorted vocals. The pullback at 2:35 allows the lyrics to shine over starry notes, before climaxing at three minutes onward. 

This is our new "get pumped up before the club" track - so hopefully all that snow outside takes note, because By George! we just want to get our fist-pumping on. Stream the remix below and score The Chainsmokers' newest original track "#SELFIE" on January 28 via Dim Mak Records

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