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Oliver Nelson remixes Chromeo's "Night by Night" [Download]

Perhaps best known for his remix of Naught Boy's "La La La" with Tobtok last year, Oliver Nelson is back at it with a remix of Chromeo's "Night by Night" from their album Business Casual. If you can recall the 2011 original track, it's autotuned vox screamed of Daft Punk, and they mix perfectly with Nelson's disco-colored crisp beats and electric synths.

The muted bass synths and marimbas slip and slide while the kick and snare keep perfect pace. Macklovitch's vocals remain largely untouched, and they don't need to be. In fact, the last two minutes emphasize how perfectly disco the original vocal layers are, syncing with a few small arpeggios and tight percussion.

Nelson is expected to announce a few upcoming DJ gigs, so keep a look out.



"Night by Night" (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Dance · Nu-disco


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