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Frisky deep house from Four Walls & Funkyjaws' 'One Night in Grodno' EP

In a trend where the words “deep” and “underground” are flung around with as much vigor as a hot potato, Kolour LTD – a Houston/Detroit based, all vinyl label – keeps the real deal on its plate(s). Sinking deeply into the pressed grooves of old school, Detroit, and disco-tinged house, their releases rove from legends like Delano Smith and Crazy P to new faces tinkering away on smash tracks (we call that fresh).   

If you hadn’t heard of Grodno, now you know. LTD’s first release of the year surfaces Four Walls & Funkyjaws with their One Night in Grodno EP – a jazzy, foxy, and truly deep work from producers of the lately independent Republic of Belarus. Now on the musical map, from what we can deduce here, this Eastern European city might be the funkiest crawl on earth.

Fast as the flick of a lighter, diva wails get the vibes going on “Jazzy Things.” Flutters of piano switch to a brazen sax jam before melting back together in fervid, soulful force. Entering a more humid rhythmic affair, “His Name is Eddie” teases out the groove with slick drums, peepshow keys, and tantalizing whooshes and whistles – the EP’s deepest track.

Not much less of a temptress, “Love Train” nurses a laid-back saunter and sticky groans before ramping into the last and most luminous, “From Us.” A peachy disco boogie, the track shakes up with revitalizing keys, hand drums, and a swinging kick, served sprightly in a martini glass.

Four Walls & Funkyjaws’ One Night in Grodno EP is in stores vinyl only on January 22ndCall it deep, call it indulgent, or don’t call it anything –  the classic sound of the underground answers strictly to the groove. 

Stream: Four Walls & Funkyjaws - Jazzy Things

Four Walls

Four Walls & Funkyjaws

One Night in Grodno EP

  • Kolour LTD
  • 2014-01-22


Dance · Deep House · Disco · House


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