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Mike Gao drops remarkable, futuristic "Pivot"

LA-based producer Mike Gao has graced our presence with another remarkable track. While high and low notes intermingle, futuristic melodies meet heavy synth, and claps and bass do their thing, you're engulfed by the quasi-cosmic experience that is "Pivot." 

If there's one thing to know about Mike Gao, it's that he is a creative mastermind. In each remix and original project, Gao exhibits his multifaceted interpretations and innovative musical perspectives. When you listen to his work whether it be the more tribal and bassy sound of "Comin Off That High" or the catchy rework of Jonn Hart's "Who Booty," you're faced with much more than something that just sounds good; you're faced with well-crafted pieces of audial art, each filled with dynamic textures of their own. And as cheesy as that sounds, I can't deny it. It's been a while since I've felt this way about a producer, so I hope you guys dig this.

Get acquainted with "Pivot" below.

Electronic · Experimental


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