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Duck Sauce warms up January with 'Duck Droppings' EP [Download]

Legendary DJ's Armand Van Helden and A-Trak are back at it again as Duck Sauce, the sometimes mischievous yet always funky duo that's bringing some classic sounds to the new era of dance music.  They've just dropped a free EP titled Duck Droppings, a 4 song set that I'm guessing didn't make the cut onto their final album. 

"Party in Me" quickly introduces the tone of irresistible grooves and serious disco infused funk, while tracks like "Louie the First" and "Mondo" bring an air of neurotic humor into the mix.Honestly, I'm going to keep this post short because any nu-disco fans just need to hit play already. 

The duo are planning on releasing a full length album sometime this year. There has not been an official release date as of yet, but these four tracks should keep fans at bay for a week or two. 



Duck Sauce

Duck Droppings

  • January 20, 2014
Dance · Nu-disco


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