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Mighty Mark and TT the Artist remix Big Dope P's "Bird Flu" [Premiere + Interview]

"Broke bitches step yo game up." Mighty Mark and TT the Artist, two big names from the city of Baltimore, are ready to kick 2014 off with a remix that will get everyone from the east to the west dancing on this fine Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Taking a drastic turn from the trap original, this version brings an eclectic mix of fast paced drums, serious attitude, and a special sense of humor and vibrance that has become the essence of the Maryland city. Adding to this is the colorful background of the visuals and the unique style of dancing from everyone in the video. We may not say this that often, but Baltimore might just be our next destination for a weekend of fun. 

Check out the fantastic visuals for this remix, as well as the original below. We also had a chance to catch up with the fantastic remixer himself, Mighty Mark, to hear what's coming up in 2014. 

EARMILK: Hey Mighty Mark, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! First off, we’d love to know a little bit more about this interesting style of dance that is featured in the video! Baltimore’s always had an unique dancing scene and we’d love to learn what’s been going on for the past couple of years on a local level. 
Mighty Mark: The Baltimore club scene is kinda in a great rebuilding phase right now. There are a bunch of new producers such as Matic808 adding there own flair to the Baltimore sound and some of the legends are coming back out of the woodworks like Blaqstarr who I have been collaborating on a lot of material. Me and my partner TT The Artist, who directed this, have been raising the bar in terms of visuals and presentation. As far as the dance, we have big dance battles called the King of Baltimore, Queen of Baltimore and We Run This City, where thousands of kids come to watch some of the hottest dancers in the city's compete for a crwon and bragging rights for an entire year.
EM: Let’s talk a little bit more about this song. What was the goal of the track? How did making this remix all begin? 
MM: Big Dope P reached out to me and informed me that he was a fan of my sound and asked would I be interested in a remix his "Bird Flu" track for his ep. First off all I have to like the track, which I did, so I agreed. When I approach remixes I really try to make my track be able to stand completely on it's [own] and add original vocals from myself and or one of my artists. Me and TT been rocking out on the club circuit lately so I had her play off the lyrics of the original song. Of course you know I had to throw some Baltimore influence in the track [as well].
EM: Who would you say are your largest influences right now?
MM: Believe it or not I'm influenced by a lot of hip hop when I make my tracks. I base a lot of my tracks around the hooks and even thoe people dance to them they are a lot deeper than people may think. So right now Kendrick Lamar has been a huge influence.So much passion in his work. Also alot of the old KW Griff stuff...some UK Garage...juke producer Slick Shoota...Daft Punk...Pharrell....and Kanye West.
EM: So you’ve definitely proven you know what it takes to make people get on the dance floor, but would you have any suggestions for people just now trying to get into the game? 
MM: Do You, Be Original and Don't get discouraged. Practice your craft. I'm a still a firm believer that good music always rises to to the top.
EM:  Awesome. So what can we expect to come from you in 2014?
MM: New productions for TT The Artist and Blaqstarr. Some animated Mighty Mark videos and tons of artistic content. Dreaming In The Club [will be] out via Moveltraxx on January 28th. Lots of bmoreclub right out of Baltimore City!

Thanks Mighty Mark! Make sure to check out more of Mighty Mark's work via social links below! 

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