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TNGHT-esque trap from mysterious Californian Riot Russell

2014 is turning out to be a fantastic year so far, and yes, music is definitely one of the reasons why this year has been so great. Continuing on this trend of fantastic new artists pouring out like water from a fountain, today sees the premiere of upcoming artist Riot Russell

"Warning (Smack Talk)" brings its heart and soul into the mix, as it heavily gains influence from the melodic trap styles of TNGHT. Filled with attitude and swagger, Riot Russell highlights his strengths in creating a song that blends the lines between hip hop and electronic music. 

Not much is known about this mysterious producer, except that he hails from California and is preparing an EP, looking to be released in Spring of this year. However, with tracks like this, it won't be long until the world is digging for more. 

Electronic · Trap


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