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DJ Sliink, DJ Hoodboi, & Trippy Turtle drop Jersey Club remix of August Alsina's "Sucka"

Three of the moment's biggest jersey club producers DJ Sliink, DJ Hoodboi, and Trippy Turtle have united their skills in the craft on this multiple-man project, remixing 2012 track "Sucka," by hip hop/ R&B act, August Alsina.  Though a million miles away from the slow melodiousness of the original, this remix still keeps things sexy. It adds in a different type of energy, switching the scenery from the smooth slow grind of the archetype to a bouncy and echo and sample-filled experience. All three guys are fans of each other's work and this collaboration is a sign that things went pretty well in studio when they all got together. DJ Hoodboi noted about the collaboration, "We each have our own take on flipping samples so it felt natural bringing everyones ideas to the table and combining them without feeling disjointed."

Each of the three artists have good things for themselves in 2014; DJ Hoodboi is embarking on an Australian tour this February with Djemba Djemba. Trippy Turtle will joining them for three out of five of those tour stops in the land down under. DJ Sliink will continue to play shows across the US of A and enlarge his ever-growing fan base. The future seems bright for these jersey club maestros and we hope to see more tracks, especially collaborations, in this upcoming year.





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