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Dimond Saints – "We Diamonds"

Dimond Saints has just appeared in 2014 as a new duo that experiments in dream music. The project is composed of An-Ten-Nae and ReLeece, both are from Oakland, California. Dimond Saints has released two remixes so far and on the fifteenth put out their first original production. If this track is any hesitation of what's in store for their audience then things look to only be going up. The duo plans for "We Diamonds" to be the prologue to their upcoming album, set to be released sometime in late February.    

"We Diamonds" starts dreamy and melodic yet quickly turns into an aggressive twist when the high kicks come banging in. The singing really makes this track shine as the softly tweaked vocals sound harmonizing as they are layered over top of the beat. Using a breakbeat backbone, the overall production of this really mixes a trap structure with a washed out synth. You can listen to the first single from Dimond Saints as well as a remix of Florence and the Machine's "Addicted to Love" below. 

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