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Clean Bandit – "Rather Be" (Feat. Jess Glynne) (The Magician Remix)

The UK-hailing band Clean Bandit has been bringing fans experimental house-inspired productions since 2009. First gaining success with their track "A+E" and then with "Mozart's House," which landed them at 17 on the UK Singles Chart in 2013, the quartet has continually delivered infectious outputs. Made up of brothers Jack and Luke Patterson, Milan Neil Amin-Smith and Grace Chatto on vocals, the 4-man band has hit the ground running this year with help from their newest production "Rather Be" featuring vocals from fellow Brit Jess Glynne.

Incorporating their classical training into many of their tracks, Clean Bandit lead into the tune with a violin intro, an often unheard instrument in the dance music sphere. Continually integrating unique takes on the meaning of dance or electronic sounds, the rising band prove the boundless nature of the genres with "Rather Be".

Taking out the orchestral lead, remix master The Magician creates a bass-kick driven rework, without loosing the original integrity of the track. Allowing Jess Glynne's vocals to drive the production, he creates a bouncy remix that showcases Clean Bandit's glimmering talents. It's hard to say which track reigns king, but it is clear the young band will continue to rise in the coming months, keep your ear out for more from Clean Bandit.

Dance · House


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