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Outkast - "The Way You Move" (Fear Of Dawn Remix)

With the buzz surrounding Outkast's recent reunion, it is no wonder that we are gonna see some renewed hype around their music. But lucky for us it has scored us a new remix of one of their major hits from the Australian duo Fear of Dawn, consisting of Mark Olsen on the drums and Kaiser Waldon as the DJ. Their interpretation of "The Way You Move" incorporates deep house as the pillars to the lyrical gem of Big Boi and Andre 3000's original track. While the lyrics remain mostly intact, you might be surprised at how Fear of Dawn managed to hold onto the original horns and slaps in a lot of areas. Consider this a refresher course on Outkast's sound and we should expect more hits from both duos in the future.




"The Way You Move" (Fear of Dawn Remix)

Dance · Deep House


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