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Isaiah Rashad - "RIP Kevin Miller"

Top Dawg Entertainment have announced their plans to release six individual projects this year, one from each of their keynote artists. For the laymen that means we can expect new albums from Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and of course Schoolboy Q. With such heavy company and major forerunners, it would often cast too large of a shadow over the young, up-and-coming talent following. However, Isaiah Rashad has consistently delivered standout singles, proving that he is not only an incredibly talented emcee, but that he refuses to play second fiddle to anyone, even the veterans on his team. 

His latest offering, "RIP Kevin Miller",  continues in the same unique tradition of  its predecessors: containing a creative titled that seemingly has no connection with the contents of the song. Who Kevin Miller is remains a mystery and what he has to do with smoking or getting money, has not been fully discovered. Luckily, Rashad's talent for constructing easily enjoyable mellow tracks, combined with his intricate lyrical ability, creates such a enthralling atmosphere, you will totally overlook this one small blip. Black Metaphor productions puts an Native Tongue era jazz sample through so much reverb and effects that it transforms from a dusty vinyl beat, into a hazily polished, ethereal background. Rashad doesn't waste it either, immediately going after those who he feels need to step their game up and get their priorities straight—apparently "bitches and blunts" is less important than "weed and money", even though half of those are synonymous.

 There hasn't been a confirmed release date for Rashad's debut mixtape, Cilvia, yet, but you can be sure that we will keep you posted. While waiting, heading to his soundcloud would be a great idea, especially because he has so much archived music there. Hopefully TDE opens up more about his prospective project, but until then we will just enjoy what we have. 

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