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The Gooniees - Get Busy [EP]

Some of my favorite EPs are those that can take a handful of tracks and create off-the-wall beats in all of them. While some artists take pride in telling a story over an album, releases that provide 3-5 tracks that all turn sounds on their heads are always a pleasure. This time round, we've got an EP via Techibeats Records, a label that has seen flavors from all over the genre map, including progressive, trance, tech house, and minimal. California-based duo The Gooniees, composed of Robert and Levi, come through with a four-track release entitled "Get Busy" in an effort to create a uniquely different sound. 

The EP delivers weird in the best possible way. It kicks off with "Africa", an eerie wobble track that seems simple, but when clever drum lines and vocal samples layer in, it's clear there's more complexity than meets the eye to a seemingly minimal track. It's no wonder the track has picked up support from the likes of Dillon Francis and Diplo.

"Break With This" comes up next, cutting in with a much more electro-focused synth line, with a few old-school rave sounds peppered in. Topped off with a dose of cowbell, this track gives off a few different ideas fused into one composition.

Next up is "Get Busy", which samples the unforgettable Crystal Method classic "Get Busy Child", only to twist it over an airy percussion loop. This one is the most tech-centered offering, gradually spinning up and back down to climax.

Finally, the release ends off with "Juke", which might be my personal favourite of the bunch for the drum line alone. Crisp, tribal drums make this a booty-shaker you just can't ignore, and further proves the depth of production strength from The Gooniees.



The Gooniees

Get Busy

  • Techibeats Records
  • 13-01-2014
Bass · Electro · Tech House


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