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Cosmo Baker & Grandtheft - "Find A Way" (Feat. Jeanette 'Lady' Day)

Canadian based DJ and producer, Grandtheft has been delivering hits for a couple of years now and he is still finding ways to surprise us. With his most recent collaboration with one of New York's bigger DJs, Cosmo Baker, the two have just released "Find A Way", featuring samples from Jeanette 'Lady' Day's track "Come Let Me Love You". In collaboration with the Canadian disco label, Unidisc, the track is not anything that you would expect to hear from Grandtheft; with a much funkier vibe and a more laid back house style, it appears that Grandtheft and Cosmo Baker brought what they both do best to the table and met somewhere in the middle. Add in some sweet samples from Jeanette 'Lady' Day, and you've got a track that I know will pleasantly surprise you.



Cosmo Baker & Grandtheft

"Find A Way" (Feat. Jeanette 'Lady' Day)

Dance · House


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