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Sango – "Pa' Mala"

It's been a big year for the up and coming producer Sango. The Grand Rapids native has been on the move and has been making his sound resonate far and wide. One of his latest achievements is his massive release of North via LA based label SoulectionNorth hosts a variety of tunes with changing styles and plenty of guests appearances ranging from JMSN to Atu. The album itself is very smooth around the edges while dancing around the realms of progressive and experimental beat making.

However, just after the turn of the new year, Sango drops a hint of his next project. "Pa' Mala" is the official voice in his follow album called Da Rocinha 2, which of course the sequel to the original when he produced back in 2012. Da Rocinha translates to 'Of Rocinha', which refers to on one of the biggest favelas (slum village) in the world. Rocinha is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Given this information, you might have a guess or two of what you might hear in this upcoming album. If you guessed heavy South American influenced beats, then you are correct. "Pa' Mala"  doesn't pay any homage whatsoever to the style Sango used in North. Instead of suave vocal samples and progressive beat concoctions, he swivels the table in a 180 degree fashion. 

In this particular tune, he samples a Brazilian Portuguese artist while he backs it up with weighty bass and South American-esque percussions. It's an instant heavy-hitter that will surely get you moving one way or another. Stream "Pa' Mala" below, and check out Da Rocinha to get an idea of what you'll be up against when the sequel drops. 



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