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Nanocannon - "Mhop"

Boston based electronic artist Nanocannon, Andrew Hlynsky, released new track “Mhop,” via his Soundcloud last month. Hlynsky has been on point with his razor sharp production skills since I met him, and to be honest I always respect anything that he releases, since he takes the time to perfect each sound before putting it out into the interwebs. He is also somewhat of a modern age renaissance man, and is well versed in instrumental drums, sound design and production, or as he would call it in typical laid back fashion, “circuit toys,” and “building things.” He is currently a producer at the Cambridge based DJ and production school Mmmmaven, managed by Boston EDM figurehead David Day, so clearly his knowledge has been recognized by movers and shakers in the scene. Experienced in both the glitch genre and the underground experimental EDM scene, his multiple talents can clearly be felt on “Mhop,” which is anything but an unplanned execution of malfunctioning sound material, plus the track keeps the listener upbeat throughout.





Experimental · Glitch-Hop


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