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Click B - "El Gato Frio"

Here, we have a new track from producer Click B to usher in 2014 from the Cambridge based String & Fader label, and it appears that they're holding true to the ideals that they set for themselves last year. The label's catchphrase is "Sometimes we dance. Often we think. Always we move," and it's clear that they try to embody this in each release on their largely DIY operation. "El Gato Frio," was released on New Years Day via the S&F Soundcloud, and this experimental combination of genres is so unbelievably "out" that I would need to find a new expression for it. The track itself is a wavering soundscape of jungle base elements with an overlay of free-spirited jazz, and perfectly captures the notion that "All Music Is Dance Music." Personally, I'm a huge fan of any DIY label (particularly an intellectual one that is striving to move jazz elements into the club scene) and am excited to see what else S&F has in store for our readers in 2014. 

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