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Mick Jenkins – "Leonidas"

In anticipation of Chicago based rapper Mick Jenkins' upcoming album The Water[s], we've been keeping our ears peeled, so we're stoked that just a few days ago Jenkins released the third single off the forthcoming project, "Leonidas."

With tight lyricism, Jenkins delivers sharp criticisms of the world around him through the relatable experiences of a brilliant misfit, extended metaphors, and wonderfully clever wordplay. Jenkins is without a doubt a poet, and he's making himself comfortable in the rap game because quite frankly, he's there to stay. With lyrical content that's just as potent as his delivery, Jenkins blends the persona of a laid back academic with the inflammatory passion of a rebel. 

Be on the look out for The Water[s] which is set to drop this February. Til then, stream "Leonidas" below.



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