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Freddie Gibbs - "One Eight Seven" (Feat. Problem) [Music Video]

Freddie Gibbs might be one of the coldest, gangsta rappers in the game right now, and one of the genre's most diverse. Someone with his hood pedigree would normally shun working with an overly-passionate, strange recluse like Madlib; however, he has managed to incorporate his brand of gun-toting, brick selling, womanizing ways with the Beat Konducta's otherworldly, dusty sample based production to create nearly perfect sound. A perusal through one of his many free mixtapes, will display a rapper who neither cowards while facing an unorthodox topic nor runs away from the possibility of picking up a murder charge. It is a unique sound that is incredibly entertaining and fun to listen to.

His latest single, "One Eight Seven", demonstrates this duality impressively. The title is clearly a reference to the Police code for a homicide, and over the years it has become this subgenre's lucky numbers. You would expect that with such a rugged and dark title that the track would be about handling one's enemies or chasing down haters, however, your assumption would lead you the wrong way. Instead, in a remarkable feat of literary wit and charm, the song is closer to a love song. Gibbs discusses how the girls body might catch a case because it makes him feel so good, which could ultimately result in his untimely demise. Rather be the hardcore gangsta, he takes a more relaxed role and makes it all about the fine women, who have the ability to woo any man.

Unsurprisingly, beautiful women dominate majority of the scenes in the visuals, almost straight jacking screen time. Scantily clad modals strike fierce poses, while wielding dangerous firearms (whether that be guns or an incredible posterior, following Gibbs logic). Problem makes an appearance, but his infectious adlib plays a much larger role in the video than even he does. Both he and Gibbs are playing second fiddle to the powerful women that are being discussed in the song, which isn't the worst thing in the world.

Gangsta Gibbs is  worthy of his nickname, no matter how creative he is, at any point he might decide to call up his hitters. However, his appreciation and knack for going a little left of center, makes him sound different and it is greatly appreciated. He has a load of music, but majority of it is quality, so its well worth your time. 

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