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A-Plus – "Molly Lasts Long" [Premiere]

A-Plus has been widely regarded for his smooth rap and stellar production as a part of Souls of Mischief and The Hieroglyphics. He's blazed the way and made a impactful name within the hip hop culture, and he's ready to come back for more with his upcoming album, Molly's Dirty Water

The album, which puts him working alongside Aagee, is another bold move, blending electronic with hip hop in a brand new unique fashion. Molly's Dirty Water isn't quite out yet, but we've been given a chance to premiere a track off of it, "Molly Lasts Long." The track explores an instrumental blend of hip hop and dance, creating a soup of hip hop samples and electronic-styled synths. Considering the two genres relatively tight knit history, the song itself sounds natural and raw, even when bringing a psychedelic element to the table. 

A-Plus has been making waves since the release of '93 'til Infinity, and "Molly Lasts Long" indicates that there is no slowing down. This album will come out January 14th





Molly Lasts Long

  • Hieroglyphic Imperium Records
  • January 9, 2014

Electronic · Hip-Hop


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