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starRo - "Feeling For You"

Music is always evolving, changing, and adapting to today's trends. The music world as we know it is so diverse, it's hard to begin describing it, but one thing is for sure: music isn't dead. Producers such as starRo (Shinya Mizoguchi) remind us there is more to hear than hip-hop and EDM.

starRo is originally from Yokohama, Japan, but his sounds resonate beyond the island nation. He is immersed in multiple styles of music, such as jazz, hip-hop, funk, soul, and ambient. His diversity continues with his talent with the guitar and keyboard, as well as managing post-rock band toe.'s recent North American tour.

His love of music bring us to his more recent material, such as the tune "Feeling For You". This particular song captures starRo's musical mindset. Smooth beats and vocal samples exemplify his love for soul and R&B. Eventually, the song doubles up in tempo to give the cohesiveness some complementary contrast. "Feeling For You" is one of four songs released on his affiliate label Soulection as a part of their new project called White Label. Stream the song below, and be sure to check out the rest of his magic.

Electronic · Soul


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