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Joe Garston - "Adventures In Suburbia"

Anyone who's got a "listen to more fantastic Electronic music" New Year's resolution should check out UK producer Joe Garston. Hailing from the World Capital City of Pop, this skillful creator must have been lucky enough to soak up some energy left behind by the great musicians and poets that have called Liverpool home.

His latest release "Adventures in Suburbia" begins with a light, feathery beat that slowly builds up in that wonderfully Electronic sounding way. Yet, the uniquely subtle drops are perfect transitions into a real Electro House finale. This track will have you imagining yourself spinning in a circle on a huge lush green lawn, with your arms reaching up towards the sky. Or traveling down your favorite neighborhood road with your friends, feeling alive. No matter what you picture, this track will have you ready for all your 2014 adventures.


Joe Garston

Joe Garston

"Adventures in Suburbia"

  • Houserecordings
  • 2014-01-06
Electro House


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