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Little Simz & Waldo - "Mandarin Oranges" (Prod. by Sango)

North London's Little Simz and  Michigan repping Waldo combine their exquisite flows with a side of a chilled, dream-like, and whistle worthy set of instrumentals to make the treat that is "Mandarin Oranges," out on Soulection. Produced by the talented Sango, the track is a comment on the unconventionality that each rapper brings with their style, communicating that they're not afraid to create in ways that maybe as bittersweet as a mandarin orange on your conditioned audial palate. A departure from what you hear and how you might respond to popular hip hop music today, as Little Simz puts it, "this ain't social talk that will appear in your mentions."

At 19 years old, Little Simz brings the rhyme and rhythm on her latest 12 track mixtape, Black Canvas, which dabbles in the same lyricism that attempts to escape from mainstream culture and popularity that this track communicates, proving she's already got an insight that many her age have yet to attain. The other half of the track's MC team, Waldo recently released an impressive collection of his own, a two part EP set entitled NSDE/OUTDSE, which also received the production treatment by Sango. Having just put forth a new piece, "BB Don't Cry," Sango seems to have the producer job on lockdown and we wouldn't be surprised if more high quality collaborations like "Mandarin Oranges" come about in the near future.  







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